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  1. farri

    Green Wind And Other Home Energies!

    Came across this on the weekend, wasn`t sure where to post it so here it is! This guy seems to know what he`s doing!!! muddymuddymuddmann
  2. farri

    Alternative energy

    Alternative Energy!!! Wonder what happened to these? WATCH: World Changing Technology Locked Away By The Illuminati
  3. farri

    From other site: New Fed Cabinet/the homeless...

    I`m not sure they should expect it but I do believe that it`s an absolute disgrace that in this great country of Australia, there are so many homeless people living on the streets and the age of the homeless is getting ever lower. Yes! I believe it is the first and biggest part of the answer...
  4. farri

    Uzbekistan's secret underground Metro revealed

    If that list is correct, WOW, WOW and WOW again! Truly amazing!:yikes: Frank.
  5. farri

    Coalition Government, Corruption!!!

    I came across this on the net, this afternoon! Coalition corruption: Turnbull’s tawdry tenure terminates Frank.
  6. farri

    Silly Picture Thread.

  7. farri

    Where Did White Fella Go Wrong?

    I reckon your right...:laugh:
  8. farri

    Where Did White Fella Go Wrong?

    A ninety year old aboriginal elder sat in his humpy eyeing two government 'Welfare' officials sent to interview him. One official said to him: "You have observed the white man for 90 years. You have seen his wars and his technological advances. You have seen his progress and the damage he...
  9. farri

    Culling Crocodiles.

    Someone in our area has had enough of the Crocodiles...Some unknown person shot this Croc about 2 or 3 nights ago...The white spot in the middle of the head, is the bullet hole...A dead Croc sinks to the bottom then it takes a couple of days for a it to come to the surface, due to the buildup of...
  10. farri

    Tolerant christians...

    Absolutely! Why not? That`s your privilege! doesn`t follow though, that others have to believe in Unicorns. My wife and I once went to a seminar in Cairns, where the guy running the seminar told everyone, there are little blue people, with special powers, who live in Pyramids, such as, Walshs...
  11. farri

    Tolerant christians...

    Therefore! If God created humans in the image of himself, as it says in the Bible, God also has many flaws!!! It amazes me how the true believer, believes there is a God and the non believer, believes there is no God, neither one has any proof to their belief and yet! they are so certain they...
  12. farri


    As a kid, in Tully Nth Qld, I loved Guy Fawkes night, that was when you could buy fireworks from various places, most of us knew it was about some bloke called Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up parliament in England but didn't know anything else about the story & we didn't care either, we just had...
  13. farri

    Culling Crocodiles.

    Keep in mind, there are fresh water and salt water Crocodiles`, it`s the salt water ones the are the baddies...With the end of Croc hunting and with each hatching that occurs ever year, the numbers have been increasing and will continue to increase...They`re able to adapt to fresh water so...
  14. farri

    Culling Crocodiles.

    This morning I took a young couple from Germany, flying in the Drifter...In the Mulgrave river, about 3/4 of a kilometer, in a straight line, from my main strip, was a Croc, over 4 meters long,gently swimming up stream, on the surface...A tinnie went past it, no more than 10 mts away from it and...
  15. farri

    Look what washed up on e beach

    A couple of weeks ago I was on High Island... High, is 8.4 klm north east of Russell Heads and 4.3 klm east of Palmers Point... Logged between the rocks on the western side of the Island was a steel cylinder about 5 mts long and 1 mt in diameter, sealed at both ends...I reckon it will need a...
  16. farri

    Culling Crocodiles.

    I`ve just got back from my regular Croc spotting flight ,In the Drifter, up the Mulgrave river. I know where I will regularly find several Crocs`, over 3 mts long and some smaller ones, sunning themselves in winter but I havn`t seen a single one for the last 6 weeks, so, " Where are they?" They...
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