A little description of 'Inventive' hi-tech wiring.

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A friend of mine owns several residential properties, which he contracts out to Local Authorites to provide tenants.

The LA is 'Supposed' to inspect the properties at regular intervals, as, sad to say, but those who have no financial interest in the property and have their rents paid by the state, sometimes abuse this.

Matey is responsible for ongoing maintenance of all the properties, to a safe standard of course, and this is a photograph he sent to me earlier today.


This user socket had been correctly installed, . . .but the tenant wanted some additional power in the next room. . .( Notice - No Earth wire. . .)

When matey's electrical contractor arrived, there was NO electrical power at all in the building. He soon found that 'Someone' had actually bypassed the main fuse board distribution unit and electricity meter, by feeding a cable around it from the main street supply.

The problem with this ( technically - forget the legality for a moment ) was that whoever did it, had used a length of flat 'Twin and Earth' cable capable of handling 240 volts at a maximum continuous current of 20 Amperes, and the tenant found that this cable burned out when he used the electric cooker, with other electrical appliances also energised.. ( Should use a 45 Amp feed just for the cooker alone ) In fact, the whole 3 bedroom house, lighting and all, to service a family of five, was being supplied thru a short cable having 2.5mm cores. This melted, forunately with no fire caused. However, it was found that no electricity supply bill had been paid on that property for nearly seven months ( usually Quarterly billing - the State do not pay the leccy bills)

The family had 'No Idea' who had carried out the modification.
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This inventive type of wiring is not a recent phenomenon. Back some time in the last century, in 1972, I called upon a home to repair a television (back in those days they were serviceable and we actually manufactured them in Australia). I was shown to an upstairs room where the failed TV was. Being young and observant, I immediately noticed that the GPO that the TV Was plugged in to, was supplied by a length if 'bell wire' which came up through a hole in the floor. Bell wire is a light Gauge twin lead of about 0.5 mm copper, with insulation designed for a 3 volt torch battery. Oddly, the power cabling was not the cause of the TV's failure. But it could easily burn the house down. The middle eastern occupant was quite irate when I refused to touch his TV!

This highlights the extent of re-education an cultural retraining that's needed to prevent immigration diluting the safe culture that we all expect in our country.
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This highlights the extent of re-education an cultural retraining that's needed to prevent immigration diluting the safe culture that we all expect in our country.
My dad could've used some of that. Being from Sri Lanka, where wiring up a new light fitting meant running UNinsulated wire across the ceiling of the room, his wiring habits over here were truly cringe-worthy.


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And don't forget the Staple's to hold that wire to the ceiling,
I've spotted stapled wire's in every country I've lived in, (Not guilty).
Not talking about insulated saddle staples.


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What a bunch of wimps we are.. In the middle-east,I have seen street electricity wires being tapped through big clips with wires going into an upstairs window. There was no sign of a meter to enable the inhabitant inside the window to pay for his power.