Abolish Billionaires


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The golden Rule is.... Those who have all the Gold, make all the rules. Many "employed" are actually underemployed and those who are working are doing unpaid overtime or working at under-award rates. This happens particularly to kids in their first job. What a great introduction to being treated reasonably by the system. No shortage of SPIVS in the upper echelons where paying TAX is almost voluntary.." I have a good accountant . I must introduce him to you. He's not cheap but will save you millions." MY father used to go to school with his father and "they" know a few people as well... That's how it works.. Nev


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I wouldn't abolish Billionaires but it's fair to be curious or enquire just HOW they got that way. If they worked like a trojan 24 hours a day and never faked a bankruptcy to avoid paying people what they were owed etc. I think currently the top 4% have more capital than the bottom 40 %.. No wonder they don't want a true democracy. the French King Louis the wateverth lived in outrageous splendor and a lot of French people got quite upset about the unjust nature of that. when they were doing it quite tough. Have you seen the Palace of Versailles ? . Nev
. Happens often in the business world. Move money around in various arms of it. Structure internal LOANS. Offset charges for services within branches.. Use a Swiss bank account. Start the same operation up under in a new name later.. Nev
So true, Nev. I suspect that the tax-avoidance industry is far larger (and more lucrative) than the food-producing sector. The most venom in the anti-Labor campaign leading up to the next federal election seems to be from those rich Australians who fear paying a little tax.
no old k they don't mind paying tax as long as it is used properly
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You nor anyone else has the right to decide which parts of the governments expenditures you will pay for.

It is a government and that means we pay taxes and it governs for all of us.

If the rich or you for that matter don't agree tough. Or would you prefer I decide that I refuse to allow rich people or even you, are refused medical attention because I might disagree with your views on tax. My taxes paid for that hospital surgery including subsidising private ones. But I would never have the option of saying no don't treat that person. Nor should I.

Remember you breath the same oxygen as the rest of us.


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Storchy, nobody is saying that expenditure like expensive cars etc for the kids is off-limits. But a billionaire has a thousand MILLION dollars. Thats not just being rich, its way beyond that. It's giving quite a lot of the countries resources to a single individual.

I had a mate who was Australia's main rocket scientist. He took a year off and actually wore a tie to try and get finance for Australia to launch its own small satellites. He said that this could be done for about 50 million ( 5 percent of a billion dollars), use off the shelf components and make money in 2 years or so.
So Bob visited all our billionaires and got nothing. The richest of them spent more each year on his polo horses.
I decided not to be rich and famous on purpose.. The Bible says "those who have nothing have nothing to lose" (That sounds reassuring). . If a burglar shows up I say" I'll help you look and if we find something I'll go you halves".. How many of the rich man's "friends" are still around when he's no longer rich.?
IF you put a price on everything you will miss out on the things that are free.. Would you like to be the kind of person that would put his grandmother on the street? Nev
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