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A friend of mine bought a Mercedes A330 Sport, and loved it. It was just short of a fully autonomous car.

It has crash avoidance cameras connected to the cruise control, so if you set a speed, say 100 km/h, and you come up behind a slower car, or one cuts in on you, it will slow down to remain clear of the other car. It has cameras to monitor lanes, so that if you drift to the edge of the lane it will automatically steer you back into the centre of the lane. It will warn you if there is a car in a blind spot if you choose to change lanes. The GPS will tell you where red light cameras and speed checks and cameras, including mobile speed checks, are located. It adjusts speeds in line with changing speed limits. It almost drives itself.

However, it has been in the dealers for 45 days to have a problem resolved and there is no indication when this will happen. The problem is that if you have the sunroof open and travel over 80 km/h, the car fills with the smell of stale dirty water. The dealer had removed the sunroof and headliner, and drilled into the airconditioner to inject a deodorant. All to no avail. He has been given a loan car, in which he has driven over 1000 km. He is now to the point of asking for a new car.


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If you have an open roof car your wife/affair person's hair do will get ruined and you will smell the real smells around you. It's par for the course. Nev
Sounds like one of those frustrating issues that, when found, is SO obvious. I wonder whether the drains have negative pressure when the roof is open, thus sucking air from wherever they drain to ...
Would be interesting to put it in a wind tunnel, and see where the airflow goes, maybe some air from the engine bonnet rear gap, or exhaust gas pulled back from the rear.
Sounds a bit like the "Very old problems". The Citroen" in it's hayday was a marvelous piece of engineering, that normal mechanics couldn't fix.
(possible D type,that lowered when parked)
A real safe car!,
"However, it has been in the dealers for 45 days to have a problem resolved and there is no indication when this will happen"
If it stay's at the dealer's it will never be involved in a accident. LoL


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One to you, SS. it's the resolution, not problem, that I was referring to. He has got the car back now, but still has the offending smell.