Another 'Vehicle' incident in Sydney

Old Koreelah

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...As for fitting bull bars, here's and interesting comment from RACV, Bull bars - Is fitting them a bad idea?
“no vehicle must be equipped with any object or fitting, not technically essential to such vehicle, which protrudes from any part of the vehicle so that it is likely to increase the risk of bodily injury to any person”.
So why are thousands of these lethal fishing rod holders still on the roads?



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Because tens of thousands people fish, It's Big business,
SO BIG the government wanted a share, And taxed (licence fee) all those fishing people.
Those particular rod holder's are "beach fishing gear, & the fishing-rods are very long.
I stopped fishing when taxed by licence.
And I'm the only known person Refused membership to the "St George & Sutherland fishing club". Or any for that mater.
Still a lousy fisherman.


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Didn't have a pension card long time ago, so told them to go fish.
Had one old person give his fishing gear, & silly me gave the wooden reels to the kids to play with.
Worth a fortune was told later, ! Much too late to retrieve anything .
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