Any sailors listening?


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Comparing sailmakers with shade sail makers is a bit like comparing a cabinet maker with a carpenter. The sailmaker should be the better choice, whether the extra cost (and performance) is worth it, depends on the function. I have great difficulty in convincing my brother (ex racing sailor with a number of Sydney - Hobart runs under his belt) that it is worthwhile having a washing machine on board a cruising catamaran. If you are intending to race the thing, and have a possibility of winning, spend the dough. If you're out to enjoy yourself, get someone who can drive a sewing machine to cut off the bottom 300mm. And don't put a washing machine in a trailer sailer. If the clothes stink, eat more garlic.


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The sail IS made !
Just needs a new tape & maybe a "bolt-rope" if the roller-reefing is that type.
The cost from a sailmaker is out of proportion to the work required.
been there done that ! & not satisfied with his work.


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Not sure about taking it to Tassie, Marty.
Didn't You promise to buy a long skinny paddock to park it in?

No, once I finish doing the magical MARAP procedure (to make the Bolly prop legal), I'll be putting it on the market. I'm sure there is a Lightwing lover out there that'll give her a good home :-(
She's a beautiful looking beast Peter - should have no problem getting a buyer.

Not much luck on that long flat strip thing, but Kate has got me a couple of numbers for people who fly out of Sandfly - one day I need to ring them and find out what the go is.
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