Australian researchers cite #Fake news re: rising sea levels. ( Nonsense. .the science is 'Settled' now


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Phil do you consider this site to be a source of reliable information?

The article states that NASA confirms sea levels are falling. This is what NASA does claim New Study Finds Sea Level Rise Accelerating (Feb 14 2018)

So how trustworthy is NaturalNewscom Natural News - Wikipedia well not very, it is known as a conspiracy site.

FACT CHECK: Does NASA Data Show That Global Warming Isn’t Causing a Sea Level Rise?

It is interesting to read a list of the "most viewed articles" on this site, here are just a few:

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Phil is simply presenting the 'other side' of the climate change 'argument', and the antivax argument.

It is always wise to read up on both sides of any argument. And doing a little background checking shows that the climate change data and vaccine benefit data are based on much more believable sources than the climate change deniers and anti vaxxers.


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The mozie problem, was almost iradicated by DDT.But that would put a lot of people out of work.
BAN the NEW problem, and people keep earning money, and the wheels of industry are saved.
No chance of upgrading our old friend DDT, making it safe for larger animals,
And humans, eagles & the newborn.


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There's a lot of effort put into opposing doing anything REAL about it. and poo pooing the fact of it happening.. Knowingly telling lies is legal. Nev


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The new problem highlighted by David Wallace-Wells, is the new apathy being shown by the climate science 'believers'. Something similar to the crisis fatigue. After a while, acceptance of the hazard changes into a fatalistic acceptance of the inevitable. This is not good. Right now we need enthusiastic activists to stick it to the politicians and policy makers.


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Do it your-self,
Go plant trees out in the wap waps, cover your lawns with shade sails, recycle your grass cuttings & compost Your garden. start a "small holding ! ( worm-farm ).
Lots of things to do Without Joining any groups, But being a member could have Bigger results than we individuals know about .
( I didn't have a garden as a child, it's all new).

Old Koreelah

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I like your suggestions, Spacey. Anyone who believes our safe, comfortable, unsustainable way of life will continue is deluded. We should all be ready to weather some very challenging times, the like of which our generation has not seen.


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Agreed. When I was young, I was only concerned by the threat of a MAD war (mutually assured destruction).
Now there are many possible world crisis. And the worst thing is that more than one kind is really going to happen.
Its depressing.
I'm stockpiling my home brew ingredients - and some good books - I want to have some solace as I watch the demise of the hoomin race!

Phil Perry

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Dear Mr. Octave, I saw this post and was surprised that a couple of aussies were arguing a different view, us knowing that the scIence is definitely settled.

Indeed it was only the fact that the proponents were Australian that piqued my interest,. . I KNEW what the response would be before I posted it.

Bast of luck with the settled science bit by the way,. .. this has a habit of being unsettled as more data becomes generally available. ( That which is allowed to be published that is ) The Earth actually orbits the sun. . . . and I believe this to be a cogent argument until a better one is P R OV E N beyond any absolute doubt.

In the meantime, anthropomorphic climate change, causing rising sea levels is still in the discussion stage Let us keep it that way, until a definitive, Provable answer is found..
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C'mon Phil. Now I'm confused. Which side of the fence are you on? I can't take the pi55 out of you unless I know for sure.

Why DO you believe the Earth orbits the sun? All I know for sure is that it RISES in the east(ish) every morning, and it GOES DOWN in the west(ish) every afternoon. It is a proven (obvious) FACT that the sun comes up, and goes down.

Anything else you claim is just a story, made up by scientists in an effort to get study grants!
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Phil amongst scientists it is not controversial.

Let us say that the science is incorrect then we have started a transition to other forms of power generation earlier than we could have. This, of course, comes with the costs we see now rather than experiencing these costs later. Now, if the science is correct then to wait until it is proven (proven is not a term a scientist would use) would be disastrous.

I take statins to lower my cholesterol because the majority of the evidence suggests that this will lower my risk of cardiovascular disease. There are of course a handful of researchers that think that cholesterol is not linked with CVD and or that statins may have deleterious health effects. Although I would prefer to believe that cholesterol does not play a role in CVD and I don't have to worry however I am not willing to cherry pick the small one or two studies that contradict the orthodox scientific position. I go with the vast number of studies that have been thoroughly peer-reviewed. I also balance the 2 scenarios in terms of possible outcomes.

Phil do you believe that a gradual but determined shift away from fossil fuels as WE ARE DOING NOW will be a disaster?

If I turn out to be wrong then perhaps future generations will look back and criticise us for misunderstanding that data but will, however, have all that unused coal and oil to do with as they please. If you are wrong the situation is much grimmer.

If someone presented me with a gun that had 3 rounds and 97 empty chambers and offered me $1000 to point it at myself and pull the trigger, I could think to myself the odds are fantastic a 97% chance of not harming myself and making a profit. Although the odds are good the possible consequences are catastrophic.

If evidence comes along to blow some or all of the theory out of the water we are still able to postpone the move away from fossil fuels (which is inevitable) If we just talk about it until it becomes obvious then it becomes too late and it will leave us with little or no choices.

In any case, what you or I believe does not make much difference, the transition is on, even CEOs of fossil fuel companies say that.


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"In the meantime, anthropomorphic climate change, causing rising sea levels is still in the discussion stage Let us keep it that way, until a definitive, Provable answer is found.."
It Maybe LATER then you think.
Throw that Cheap shade sails over everything you can !.
I mean It shouldn't hurt anything (hopefully).
We (my house) have just had a "Brown-out" The electric jug wouldn't boil, fan didn't spin up to full speed AC didn't work either, BUT the telltale lamps were on, Digital readout worked.
Had two electricians (son-in-law & grandson) rush over, AND there's power to the meter, but not 240 volts ?, weird. A new thing for my electricians.
Going to replace all the (almost new) Circuit Breakers.
Does it Matter if the world circles the Sun OR the Sun Circles the Black-hole in the middle of the Milky Way .


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In the meantime, anthropomorphic climate change, causing rising sea levels is still in the discussion stage
Er, no, it's not. The discussion should be well and truly over. Almost 100% of scientists in the fields relating to climate agree that it's real, it's caused by humans and it will cause sea level rise.
It's like an obese person doctor shopping until they find one (probably an alcoholic who was struck off the medical register 20 years ago) who will tell them that their weight will have absolutely no impacts on their health. Comforting, yes, truthful, no, and if they listen to that advice instead of all the real doctors, fatal.


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I did !.
A meteor Hit our Earth & cause a Nuclear winter 60 million years ago. (ish)
Now we're out of the Ice age & into this NEW Hot age.
If we had not used the fossil fuels to develop into this NEW age, This modern life, that we can Pick & choose which path to take next, it would NOT exist.
We certainly would NOT be having this discussion, as the Silicon chip would be a dream. beyond the realm of None industrialised man.
Sorry if it tilts the Apple cart, But I like this Hot era. No standing in front of fires trying to keep the frost away,& thawing my Chilblains., from which I suffered terribly.
We have to Adapt. If that means putting up a TREE to get some (shade) relief, recycling EVERYTHING, re-composting our kitchen scraps & doing what the ENVIRONMENTALIST tell us is GOOD for OUR planit.
THEN lets Just stop talking & get on with it. ( hands up, who has put water diverters on their drain pipes, they're cheap at Buning).
Used my Reticulated water hose for the first time this year ( I've got heaps of spare water) Just can't carry it, But will make a pump (solar) to get the water from my tanks, to the flower beds were needed.
REMEMBER !. Don't wait for the OTHERS to do it.
Sorry about the Rant, Octave.
Used my Reticulated water hose for the first time this year ( I've got heaps of spare water) Just can't carry it, But will make a pump (solar) to get the water from my tanks, to the flower beds were needed.
been doing that for years space from both shower and washing machine as my house is well above the ground level water will run down hill ( oh sheet wounder if I could put a hydro gen in the hose )
But I like this Hot era. No standing in front of fires trying to keep the frost away :oops::peep wall: nah I like the hot weather cause them young women and their short skirts :oops: better not go there neil
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