Australian researchers cite #Fake news re: rising sea levels. ( Nonsense. .the science is 'Settled' now


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I put my 2kw system in, in March 2013. There are 8 x 250W panels grid connected on a Net usage basis. Cost was a bit over $4000.00. That will now get you a 6kW system. As at 1/3/19 I have produced 19,138 kWH. If I had to buy that much now at the current peak rate of 31.7c/kWH the cost would be $6,066.75. Of the kWH produced I have consumed 9595 kWH and sold 9543 kWh at around 11.1c/kWH so have been credited $1,059.27. The system paid for itself in 4 years. My electricity bills are around $200.00 each quarter.

If I was going to do it now I'd put in a 6kW system & a 10kWH battery or put in the system & wait a bit as batteries are reducing in cost & getting bigger all the time.

I have a 7.5 kW air conditioner that consumes a maximum of 2kW of electricity. In the hot weather I turned it on early and it usually ran on lowered consumption of 800W or less being an inverter so the aircon, fridge, freezer radio etc cost nothing to run during the day.
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