Don't get me wrong here, But I LIKE Donald Trump.


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funny how the village idiot gets suckers to hate him ? neil
Hating him's not hard. His constant lies, big-noting himself, probable treasonous activity and being on the wrong side of history in every decision, make it easy for anyone with a brain to despise him.

I'd be surprised if anyone actually LIKED him. Melania would only be in it for the money, his kids probably can't wait til he falls off the perch before they carve up his business empire, his staff (the ones he hasn't yet fired) would be sycophantic yes-men who secretly can't stand him.
Even his puppet-master Putin would be laughing behind his back.
gee Donald sure made a good speech shot the others out of the water more popular than crappy Obama the yes boss man another term for him go Donald neil


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Biggest hypocrite that ever got "that" job. Super sensitive to anything/any one that doesn't praise HIM and utterly scathing and character assassinating of anyone who doesn't toe his line. he gives it out but can't take his own medicine. Used to having his way or it's NO way.. He will run out of people who will risk being associated with him eventually. Nev
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Sometimes the downfall of an egotistical sociopath, is from ostracizing anybody who dares to disagree. They eventually surround themself with spineless yessmen, instead of honest knowledgeable advisors. Result - self destruction from a ever more twisted view of everything.
I'm not suggesting this in regard to any particular individual, of course. Just a general observation!

But it does give me some small solace when I look at some (most) political leaders.


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Should stop all those buggers up north moving to Tassie. Its pushing home prices up way too much.

Except me naturally as I want the tropical weather you will soon have.


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Well, You've sent the bushfires, what about the water? I saw a thing about Tasmania , where they chucked someone in the river and she came out pretty and they reckon that's the SAME river they make their BEER (.You know XXXX Eh!) from. HOW good is THAT, M8.?. Nev


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"Should stop all those buggers up north moving to Tassie. Its pushing home prices up way too much."
A friend of mine sold his Sydney house, and bought 5 yes five houses in Hobart.
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