Don't get me wrong here, But I LIKE Donald Trump.


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check your mouth the crap still spilling out neil
Neil why are your posts so angry and aggressive?. I assume you are unhappy and disappointed with your life. There are many people here I disagree with but most of us are dignified and intelligent enough to have robust but polite debate.
It really doesn't matter how much factual information you have and can prove. Some people refuse to hear or be swayed from their point of view by the truth. Trump has made an entire career out of lies and misleading information and he does it both ways depending on what he wants. An example is to get loans he exaggerated his wealth by multiple millions and then reduced it by multiple millions when being asked to provide information for the US IRS. There are now well over 9000 lies or false statements he has made since taking office. All are well documented and fully referenced.
Of course when it came to the government workers not being paid, it was Trump who refused to sign the order. He of course blamed Congress & the democrats (after saying on TV he would not blame them) for not giving him 2.5 billion to build a wall that he originally said Mexico would pay for. Trump supporters can't see this as wrong.

The US economy was going well largely due to the policies put in place by the Obama administration but of course Trump took the credit. His promise to bring back industry to the mid west "Rust Belt" has not materialised and some manufacturers have moved more production out of the US. Now the economy is faltering with the rate of growth declining since 2017 with a sharp fall from 4% in late November to 1.96% now.
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Now that the Mueller probe has come up with nothing indictable, you can expect trump to win the next election without breaking into a sweat. . . No serious Democrats on the horizon at the moment. . .?
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