Fuel type for new car

old man emu

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You might be able to get away with rocketing along the Hume at 111 KpH in NSW, but you had better back off once you cross the Murray. Those Department of the Treasury cameras on the Hume Motorway will click you into poverty.


Ah yes, but in the Mondeo Titanium I have a nice lady that blurts out "CAUTION' from the sound system when I am coming up to a fixed speed camera or intersection camera.


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Why ? Should HE be remembered. You don't need to BUILD a steam engine to know what % efficiency it will roughly achieve. It won't get even close to an injected IC motor in that respect.. Nev


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Unlikely to meet any environmental considerations in the current environment. The Latent heat of vaporisation is HIGH for water. That's where the losses are. Nev