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Your Feng Shui sins are easily fixed, Pete. All you have to do is invest in a few strategically-placed mirrors to channel all that bad energy away. I'm told they are also good for scaring away demons. Not sure how they work with JWs and pesky salesmen.


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I don't think mirrors are much use when deterring self appointed saviours.

But many years ago we did have a success in that area.
Back then we got together with the neighbours and bought a side of beef. It was only partly butchered - just the basic boning done. So our kitchen table groaned under the weight of a lot of fresh beef whilst three women argued over which bits were supposed to be which cuts. That's when the doorbell rang. Wifey greeted the neatly dressed pair of soul savers. Her hands were bloody and she held a sharp knife and all she said was
" Sorry, you'll have to wait, we're still working with the last pair who came."
They quietly turned around and left.

Old Koreelah

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Our local JW and his family visited us on a blistering hot day, dressed in dark suit, etc.
I put him to work helping me move an old Rayburn slow combustion stove off my ute and into the house.
At the end of the job he was dirty and knackered and they never came back.


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"You only have to worry if you don't recognise the ugly bugger looking back at you when you look in the mirror."
dementia .
Any one I should know ?

I don't do much "Mirror Gazing"


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My best trick was to see who was at the door through the window.............................then quickly undress, grab some sex toys and open the door.

Then exclaim, "Wow that was quick, but where are your toys, you said you would bring toys"?

Never had them come again

Some days are just fun.


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I just told them I'm a Catholic.. Lies are sometimes justified.
I get a special spring in my step when I pass a mirror. I don't want my grandfather to know where I am.. Nev

old man emu

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Supermarket products that you need to pick up and study to know that you've got the one the Missus sent you down for.

And those bastards who picked up the wrong one and put it back where the right one goes.


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Even when you study the labels, there might be several slightly different things. I always guess the wrong one. But it might be me who mixes things up... ever found a better deal than what you have in the trolley? Well most times I do return the other thing back where it came from...most times.


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It seems there are people who delight in leaving items in the wrong location - eg. Hot chicken in the Easter eggs, sliced meat in the gardening section. Happens all the time at our supermarket. The other thing is tiny print on the ingredients panel. You need a strong magnifying glass to see if some products contain ingredients you or yours are allergic to.
I have long held fears for the integrity of the afp. For some time now. Recommend an article in the Guardian where the police association says that being under Dutton's ministry leaves them vulnerable to political direction. Could be that this is just a ploy. Seeing a Labor victory is inevitable they want to whitewash history. They persued Slipper with a vengeance, not so memorable in chasing errant Libs
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