Holden Statesman WB rear quarter or parts car


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Goodaye all

Well due to a idiot who went through a Give way sign l need to find a rh rear quarter for the Magnum.
Been through all the usual channels so am know putting it out there for you guys.

Its a insurence job but they need a quarter.

Rather be working on the plane.

regards Bruce


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Try contacting a few ebay sellers of old parts panels...... the may know something.
Quite a few do it professionally or semi-professionally.


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Or find a real body man who can straighten that mess and remove the worst bits then make new sections for it.

I know most are no longer real panel men but some are.


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I found a wrecker who has a complete 1982 WB listed in the Parts Locator magazine.

Road Tested Spares
77 Blaxland Road,
Campbelltown, NSW
02 4625 0111
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