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Just seen the good news. Go for it Caitlin. Just think there are a lot of us old farts just willing you on to achieve.



As some of you may know my daughter Caitlin has been fighting breast cancer for the last 2 years, diagnosed at 16 years of age...YES 16 years old. I know she may kill me for posting this email from the specialist as it contains some personal info but in short Caitlin has won. After many surgeries she has received an all clear from her last scan.

For those that have been following her plights with this issue, 3 bouts of staph infections, her best school friend committing suicide etc etc etc here is the email
Hi Corrine,

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Caitlin's US is completely fine. I would say let's leave everything alone now. You can contact me anytime, esp if you feel something new has cropped up. It's been a pleasure looking after Caitlin.

warmest regards,


3/02/2017 3:22 PM: US Breasts Both


Targeted study requested.


Right Breast:

Right breast solid nodule at 10 o’clock 9 cm from the nipple appears unchanged since six months ago, ovoid in shape measuring 10 x 4 x 8 mm. The nodule is non-vascular with mild posterior enhancement. The appearance is suggestive of a fibroadenoma.

Left Breast:

Left breast at 2 o’clock 7 cm from the nipple showed normal appearances. Previously imaged 6 x 4 mm hypoechoic nodule is not visible on the current study. The adjacent area at 12 and 1 o’clock also appears normal.

No suspicious lesion.