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A Victorian company, Vicbeam, manufacture glue laminated wooden beams for commercial and domestic applications. They have just become sponsors of the Whitehorse Men's Shed, of which I am a member, and they will donate our next lot of Shed shirts, bearing their logo. They will also donate timber offcuts for our woodwork groups. As an introduction, each of the groups, Monday, Thursday and Friday, were given a conducted tour of their huge factory. I took my camera along and took a number of photos and video clips, which I have put together in a little movie. I hope you like it, and find it informative. The movie is on my Dropbox account so I can share links easily on forums and emails. A popup box will invite you to open a Dropbox account, but this is not necessary to view my video. Simply click through.

Read more: Dropbox - Vicbeam Factory Tour.wmv
I'm intrigued - they make a great deal out of removing the knots (very cleverly done), necessary for structural strength, then I saw a beautiful beam knots and all. Presume a veneer? I believe timber construction is getting 'the nod' in Melbourne, I remember a news item on ABC on-line about a multistory timber building. Good to see some manufacturing in Oz and not everything imported from cheap labour countries.

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Love your video, Red! I wonder if their gluelam beams would have the strength to be used as wing spars?

Great to see someone has invested in high tech processing in Oz.

Decades after I worked there, the timber mill in my little home town invested heavily in a timber-handling system. The mill continued as a core employer for years, until it fell victim to political expediency. Gradually, the timber supply was choked off as the State Forests surrounding our town (which had been selectively logged in a sustainable cycle for generations) were declared National Parks.

Pretty hard to defend some of the things done by my greenie mates.