Road rage


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I have just been reading about the wagon trains to California in 1849. On the plains they would spread up to five wagons abreast but when the road narrowed through rocks or a gorge they would race to get in front. They would whip the bullocks, throw things at other drivers, shout, swear and even draw pistols and threaten one another. As one of the diarists record “ all for the saving of two and half minutes in a six month journey”. So what we have today is something inherent in young male drivers. I wonder how it evolved?


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You get more roots for being an alpha male, as determined by winning such stupid races.
I was amazed to read that hoon drivers among teens get more sex from more girls than the rest of their peers.
Yet in stone-age times, it was those hoon guys who killed the big animal whose meat helped their family survive the winter.
had to go melb Friday to pick up some stuff 1hr 45 min from shep to donnybrook rd 2h 20 hrs to Beaumaris then when I left 2h 50 back to donnybrook rd then 2hr 15 min back to shep yeh long weekend road rage nah just go piissss off neil


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I have never had road rage (yet, touch wood). I have experienced it from others occasionally, and I sure have had road stress. When I last lived in a big city it would sometimes take anything up to 3hrs to get home from work, along a four lane toll road (yeah, we all PAID for that privilege). On a good day it was only half an hour (at 2am). It took a lot out of my day, by the time I got home I was always exhausted.

When I finally realised what that was doing to me I made a list of 'must haves' and found a rural block that was isolated but within 10minutes of shops and services. My stress levels are now low and I've probably added ten years to my life as well as cutting down the cost of living.

Its all about making choices, and acting on them.

old man emu

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My rules for stress-free driving in Sydney:
  1. For unfamiliar routes, use Google maps, or a GPS device to get an estimate of the journey time before you start the journey.
  2. Avoid as much as possible all roads which have a toll for use. Try to use the old route that the toll roads were built to eliminate.
  3. Utilise the left hand lane as much as possible - no one else does.
  4. When following another passenger vehicle, keep back far enough so that you can see the V-shaped space between that vehicle's LEFT hand rear view mirror and its A-pillar.
  5. If another vehicle cuts into that space, readjust to the new vehicle. You'll be on it's rear bumper at the next set of lights.
  6. Always be monitoring the next set of traffic lights so you know if you can get through without speeding up, or you can coast towards them if they are red.


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Retire and use the roads when EMPTY.
Night-shift worker's have a habit of going to work when the rest are trying to get home, in the opposite direction.


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I get road rage (road stress?) every time I drive. If the turn arrow lasts long enough for five vehicles, I'm always sixth in the queue, and there's a gadget somewhere in my car that turns every traffic light red as I approach. Wish I could find the bl**dy thing - I'd smash it with a hammer.


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If you use the Same road often, you Should be able to adjust your speed to get to that Booody red light, as it turns green !.
OLD Windsor Rd is notorious, 5 Klms under the limit & catch every Red, 5 Klms over to catch every Green light.
BUT watch out for the Revenuers.


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When you are in metro areas, 1 km under the limit and everyone is going nuts. Leave 1 car length plus 50 cm between you and the car in front and someone will cut in.


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"Didn't you know, those speed limit signs are the minimum limit! "
I keep telling the wife that,
since our Dublin Eire. crash Anything over the 5 klms Under that limit is too fast.


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I'm sure the satnav lady's voice gets a bit of an edge when I ignore her direction a few times...
I remember reading an article when Leslie Shook retired. They said the new generation of Bitching Bettys will get increasingly cranky toned and more aggressive if you continue to ignore the warnings. Not so the old Betty who is fairly placid and Russia's Rita who sounds like she's on valium.
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