Question Side menu System implemented


Hi all, as you no doubt can see now the menu system has been updated to a side column system. This will make it:
  1. Very easy for those using a tablet
  2. Allow for more main sections to be displayed and quickly accessed
  3. In line with many other application that we may all use on a daily basis
Some notes for you:
  • As you scroll down the page the main menu column remains available to quickly move from one area to another
  • Also as you scroll down the page the Sub Menu stays sticky across the top of the page so you can quickly access any sub menu items for the page you are on no matter where you are on the page
  • You can select to have the main menu column on the Left of the screen (the default) or on the right side of the screen by simply setting it in your site preferences available from the drop down that appears when clicking your avatar at the top of the main menu column
Hope you find this menu system much more intuitive especially when holding a tablet
It appears to be going okay.

In a previous life, I did software testing.

I notices 2 Side Column Headers.

So can I simultaneously "Follow" myself and "Ignore" myself ;-)


Sorry but I am unsure what you mean...can you take a screen shot and post it so I can also see what you are seeing...thanks
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