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Covering themselves against litigation. This example is obvious,but they still have to do it. Like putting "may contain" when it obviously doesn't, but it may have been produced on equipment which previously had the reported ingredient. If you take the risk and buy the item, you accept the responsibility if someone has an allergic reaction.

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In Roman mythology, Mars and Venus were "partners", to use the modern meaning. Their child was Concordia, who was the goddess who embodied agreement in marriage and society.
Eating a chook is a henous crime.. Only ONE Concorde crashed and they worked hard to make that happen. Nev
What about the Russian 'Concordski' crash at a Paris Airshow Nev. .. . OH, wait. . .that was a Midair wasn't it. . .( or something never properly publicized . . .)

The two governments ( France and UK ) used the Air France crash as an excuse to dump the programme. . .what annoyed me was that the London to New York, and the London to Bahrain routes were extremely profitable,. . .as were the couple of routes flown by AF. . .

Politics again. American Politics of Envy in the case of the Yanks / Boeing. . .Concorde was the ONLY aircraft which guaranteed that JFK was surrounded by hundreds of photographers for every flight. . .such was the popularity of the beast. . .

Sad really.
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