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Looks like a waste of both chocolate and brussels sprouts to me. One bite, spit, "EWWWW!" is all that'll happen.
I have to admit that, in my close family, I was the only one who actually LIKED Brussells sprouts Marty. Whether raw or cooked. they have an odd taste I'll grant you, but on a Christmas Platter . . .where Mum and Grannies used to cook and place a bit of everything,. . .they were just another taste. We used to have : ( not always all on the same plate BTW ) Roast turkey and sage and onion stuffing. Baked Onions. Mashed Swede. Roast Parsnips. fried Mushrooms. Boiled potatoes. Roast potatoes. Runner Beans. Peas. Carrots. Roast Chestnuts. Cauliflower. Roast. sliced Turnip. and Gravy made from the roasting fat and cooking stock from the veggies.. . .One year, My Maternal Grannie, even made some small Yorkshire puddings because she loved me to bits and knew that I liked them. . . Additional garnishes were sliced Beetroot, and of course the ubiquitous Apple Sauce,. .. which I never liked, and did not appreciate until later culinary life. If we'd had access to Roast Mango or Brreadfruit. .. then I'm, sure that Paternal Grannie would have cooked that too. . .

When I sayed in Ujung Pandang for a couple of weeks at Christmas time, there was an old chap I knew, whose Wife cooked some amazing local stuff to go with the Bird. .. . I was afraid to ask what kind of 'Bird' we had,. . but it tasted great ! He hailed from England and had lived there for 20 years or so. . .this was in around 1975 BTW. . .

Please give me. . so that I can pass on to the 'Cooks' ie, 2 Daughters and Missis. . .any ideas for additional fayre to add to our Chrissy Din Dins. . . .The Daughters will cook ANYTHING. . . Small Daughter an partner never have the same meal twice and cook everything from fresh ingredients. . . Big Daughter is more into Baking stuff, and Greek foods. . . .Since her partner Mat is a bloody Greek . . .

Ian . . .Yoo Hoo. . Ian ?. . we need a recipe channel please ?

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Maybe the start of another thread? I bought an '85 VFR750 unseen off ebay. I picked it up and it was in a bit of a state. I rode it home - new the chain required replacing, but everything else seemed to work. Had the chain replaced and ride it for a while. Great bike, never let me down... downpipes solidly rusted on, tyres in good nic, wheels perfectly aligned, etc. A moth later, I was riding to work up the M1 to Watford (akin to riding to Kalkallo up the Hume Hwy from Melb) and a stonking merc overtook me. Well, those testosterone injectors in my helmet kicked in and off I went. His testosterone atomiser kicked in and we were doing 140mph (nopt kph) up the M1 (going north before hitting the M25 it was surprisingly quiet in morning peak hour). At 140, it still had some in it, but testosterone faded and I eased off. It was the day I was sending it to my mechanic (in Watford) for a complete service and check.

When I picked up the bike, no work had been done on it (I had seen a mechanic test ride it at lunch time). They said it had all the usual things to do, although a lot of parts still had life in it.. though it was going to cost me £2,000. After I picked myself up off the floor, I was astounded and asked why. The answer, "If you can find the mechanic that worked on that bike, use him 0 he is a true engineer. Anyone who could align the wheels so perfectly on a frame bent like that and with an extra weld I special.." The £2,000 was to replace the frame.

Ahhh... Well, I put it on ebay and declared everything wrong with it... sold it for £10 more than I paid.

No more thread drift of this topic from me.,.
I had a VFR750 too Jerry. Back in 2004. I loved that bike. Most reliable 2 wheeler I'd ever owned.I remember it lovingly.

I was blasting along a part of the A5 on the West side of Telford, which runs off the end of the M54 not far past the Wrekin. Some twat riding Ducati came alongside and gave me finger of doom. The red mist appeared and I chased and overtook him really easily ( I thought ) No speed cameras along that stretch, but I got a ticket in the post a week or so later, 129 MPH. . . .Oh dear,. .. that is an automatic 12 month disqualification, exceeding 100 MPH on any British road. . . .I could not figure out how they had pinged me. . . .no mobile speed van,. . .nothing. This was on a Sunday afternoon and the road was almost deserted. Were the buggers using an aeroplane and timing me between 2 points ? ? ? I'll never know.. . .but they got my darned reggoe from Somewhere ! !

I decided to ask my friendly Brief ( solicitor ) Sid the Crook, ( Bent as a five Bob note, but he liked me as I 'Sort of' taught him to fly a little ( on our many trips across the channel to France to buy cheap wines and cheeses. . ) and this in turn, introduced him to a whole new world of legal claims. . .) if there was any way around this, and he told me to leave it with him. Had I read the document correctly, I would have realised that, although they had my Name and address correct, they had printed the wrong registration number for the bike. I didn't pick this up myself at the time. They obviously used the correct number to identify me on their registration database as the registered keeper, but when they sent the notice, the number on it was wildly incorrect, and, as Sid told me later, was registered to a Ford Mondeo somewhere in London.. . .I do not know how he did it, but Sid the crook got it nullified on some sort of legal technicality.

THAT cost me a meal for him and his Wife at the most expensive bloody restaurant around here. . ( £94.00 including wines. . . ) but it was better than a 12 month driving ban !

I agree about the thread drift but YOU started it yer bugger.


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In line with all the gaily rainbow painted police vehicles around the UK at the moment, I see this has expanded to the Air support Plodwing. . . .

I can only assume that this machine is TRANS iting into the hover from normal forward flight. . . ?

View attachment 2586

This one accidentally fell off a tree near the Dubbo Zoo. (just happened to have a ladder in the trailer that day ...)

We solved that problem over here in the northern New England Region. A few of us who know our way around airports and thems who fly into and out of 'em had a bit of a chat to the ChemTrails loaders. We got them to put in a smaller hopper and wire it up then fill it up with liquid Viagra. So when they approach our area and the atmospherics are right (well, they aren't Pilots flying these monsters for nothing are they), they flick the switch and the ChemTrails stuff is turned off and our "brew" turned on.

We're all pretty happy with that arrangement.

We got that idea off a Port Stephens oyster farmer who fed his Asia bound oysters a mixture of fish meal and Viagra. Apparently some people in Health and Fisheries weren't impressed.


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Speaking of chemtrails, I noticed on the title graphics for Aussie Border Force, (Channel 7), they show a twin engined jet silhouette with four chemtrails.