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What software platform should we use here

  • Xenforo - the current site software we use

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • IPS - the software being used on our aviation site

    Votes: 1 25.0%

  • Total voters


As probably you all know we have an aviation related site that previously used the same software that we use here on Whats Up is called Xenforo. However 3 months ago we moved the aviation site over to a new software platform called IPS. The question now is whether we keep this site, Whats Up Australia, on its current Xenforo software platform or also move it over to the IPS software platform.

If you are unsure of what IPS looks and feels like you can see it in use on Recreational Flying

Please vote and thank you for your help

old man emu

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Although I prefer the look of Xenforo over IPS, I voted for a change to IPS simply for the reason that why should you use two dogs to yard one sheep?

I can see the economic value in the terms of developer time savings in using one software program. Users seem to have adapted to IS on the other site, and so should have not difficulty adapting when it is applied to this site. There are a few things I'd like included in an IPS operated site that are available using Xenforo, but that's a minor concern.

As an end-user, I have had not problems uploading my drivel using IPS.


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Thanks Ian for all your work on both sites.
I didn't vote because I haven't had any gripes about either platform. I mostly use an Android phone. For me, I don't mind which way you go, but I do like OME's comment about keeping the site administrator's workload simple. As long as there is no cost penalty for you, it would be sensible to use the same platform for both forums, and only have to deal with one lot of programme bugs / refinements.

old man emu

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See how there is a little avatar on the threads that I have posted in? I'd like to see that in both sites. Also, I'd like to see a red number against the bell if both sites go to IPS. I use that a lot to see if there have been any new posts since I last looked in. I check this site about four times per day and it's a bore having to ring the bell if there is nothing new.

I voted for IPS to keep the workload simple. Yes, there are some things that Xenforo may do better, but at the end of the day, we create threads, post/edit messages and provide pictures, emoticons and links.. As well as click whether we like or otherwise someone else' post... As long as they do this.. then I am good to go..

Thanks for providing the site!
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