The future of sex and females


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No, the referendum might only be required if the sex dolls were other than the already approved same sex or opposite sex.
You know, "other".


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Whatever the gender, a robot ain't human. So the referendum is going to be a lot broader if you want to get that one up.

...unless of course robots become so advanced that they are given the same rights and freedoms of any citizen, which means that if they're defined as "people" then the current Marriage Act should be sufficient.
OR Change the current Marriage Act , to include "PET'S & OTHERS".
Many a person have stated preference for the "under"dog of this world. MANY a man gets treated like a DOG !.


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If they are lucky. Dogs don't do too bad sometimes. When women find out they can't turn you into what they hoped you would be, they get rather cranky.. Hell hath no fury etc. Not a matter of being scorned. Being WRONG is the hard bit, and every day in every way she will make YOU pay for her error in choosing YOU...Nev
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