The Tax Office and Terrorism


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Red, don't they need a search warrant to do that?
Too much of that behavior will cause people to store their stuff off-premises.


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The good "Toongabbie Spares" Shop was shut & padlocked by the Terror-office, after they refused to leave their creditors out of pocket, instead of paying their provisional tax on time, they had asked for a seven day extention, The Terror-ist locked it up after midnight.
That sounds a bit like trading while insolvent and unable to pay your bills as they fall due. Did they forward the staff super or make provision for staff holiday pay?
They paid all but, And there was the problem that caught them out, ran out of cash & had to wait on who-ever was paying them, seven days, to Trade back into another year. Lost a great motor spare shop.(The owners were old enough to go straight onto the age pension )