The Tax Office and Terrorism


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Red, don't they need a search warrant to do that?
Too much of that behavior will cause people to store their stuff off-premises.


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The good "Toongabbie Spares" Shop was shut & padlocked by the Terror-office, after they refused to leave their creditors out of pocket, instead of paying their provisional tax on time, they had asked for a seven day extention, The Terror-ist locked it up after midnight.
That sounds a bit like trading while insolvent and unable to pay your bills as they fall due. Did they forward the staff super or make provision for staff holiday pay?
They paid all but, And there was the problem that caught them out, ran out of cash & had to wait on who-ever was paying them, seven days, to Trade back into another year. Lost a great motor spare shop.(The owners were old enough to go straight onto the age pension )
HERE'S A Shiittty thing from that terror-office,
I've got a 20cent coin with 100 year of terrorism on it.
They seem to be Proud of their accomplishment. (fear)
Really want to deface this horrid coin.
The Terror's at it again, taking from the little people, Not the corporate-office !.

There's an uncertain future for 50 franchisees after chocolate cafe chain Oliver Brown collapses into voluntary administration
Around 50 Oliver Brown franchise stores face uncertain futures after the company collapsed into voluntary administration, reportedly owing $29 million in liabilities.
The Belgian-inspired chocolate store lists 52 franchised stores on its website; all are on the east coast and 43 are in New South Wales. which, according to ASIC documents,
was placed in liquidation on March 14. It also includes the Sydney’s World Square store, which fell into administration at the beginning of May.
A large number of the sites are located within large shopping centres operated by the likes of Stockland and Westfield,This list includes the Wetherill Park store,
reportedly, the company owes creditors $29 million and company director Eric Song had contested a $5.1 million tax debt identified in 2016.
the Australian Taxation Office,
Seeking to recover this debt, reportedly issued garnishee notices to franchisees instead of head office.
The ATO is said to be claiming $5.2 million in liabilities at this stage, while landlords are reportedly owed upwards of $20 million.
In order to continue doing business after their head office collapses, franchise operators must deal with landlords and source new suppliers.


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Sheet the blame to where it belongs. This rotten GOVERNMENT cut tax office staff and then gave 'certain " instructions including going slow on repayments to taxpayers and not applying erroneous assessments in the taxpayer's favour which the tax office picked up but the taxpayers hadn't No case management continuity to sort things out . Just frustration, delay and stress and applying the ridiculous algorithm that sent small business to the wall because their credit sources weren't available while the tax office haven't finalized aspects of tax returns going back years and drove people to suicide, marriage breakdown etc I know a bit about this and will NEVER forgive the government for it. They only protect BIG business (Their MATES). What happened with this should be investigated thoroughly so some sort of justice is eventually achieved. Nev
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