Tommy Robinson ( Stephen Laxley -Lennon) video

Phil Perry

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Tommy hs bee fairly quiet for a while, ad this is why.

Tommy is the guy who his dogged and determined exposure of the grooming, trafficking and serial Rape of vulnerable children all over the UK by mainly Pakistani Muslim men and has been vilified and even illegally Jailed by the UK Government due to Loclagovernment and police assistance in covering up this filth to preserve 'Social Cohesion', assisted by the compliant UK MSM.

This media coverage has obviously convinced people, even on this forum that he is an evil 'Rabble Rouser' who ought to be ignored. . . .See ? the media Bullcrap actually works if you don't bother to delve deeper.

I Know him personally and have done for ten years. I also know that he is a genuine patriot and everything you may have heard o the British MSM is utter Bull$hit.

He just caught out the BBC Panorama programme for doing a 'Hit Job' on him using covert recordings.

I have seen the Raw documentary and will post it on here when I am allowed to.. . . .Here are his comments about it.


Phil Perry

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Looks like you can blame your own hard-core conservatives for failing to protect children.

A British MP who blocked an upskirting law is under fire again. Here's why[/QUOTE

They are all as bad as each other Marty. The HOC, the Judiciary and the HOL are stuffed with paedophiles, deviants and Kiddie fiddlers.

Nick Griffin ( British National Party leader ) tried to warn the public what was going on with the Muslim child abusers 25 years ago and the 'great and good' from the British establishment and media destroyed him. and it all went quiet and continued unabated until Tommy came along and blew the lid off.
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