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so no comment on the second FAILURE off wave generation port Kembla just a couple millions wasted now WA Albany wave generation down the gurgalar but what the hell only acouple mill or so wasted on the green crap yeh new tec is the way to waste your money neil


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Just an aside,
My rain-water diverter's are working a WETdream. Had to switch one off as the bin was overflowing, tonight it will have a garden-hose attached, then all the water that used to go down to the Flooded creek, will go to my garden,.
Hopefully, enough to get through for that next drought,


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It was dry here too,
The Big downpour we got in Parramatta region, would have gone straight down the drain then out to sea !.
With rain diverter's in at least most goes into the soil on my garden.
oh says so you say marty who cant read what pmc has put up so what are you going to store all the old solar panels in your back yard and feed your neighbours the minerals that will kill you or your kids your grandchildren oh that's right you will send them to a third world country and poision them
what part don't you get off what pmc put up don't you get clown
facthunter did you not say that wave power was the next your next free power source
take about sheep more like goats making money for the al gore mal turncrapbull con men
oh while im at just trying to get that battery of musk put next door to you marty have you studied what its full of neil


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Future scientist will Be able to put a Solar shade cloth into space to Hide the Sun for about four hours a day, giving us on TerraFirma a nice cool day in the heat of summer.
Then we will be able to live Longer on this Old Earth of ours.


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Don't think I've ever mentioned WAVE power , and I've never used the term FREE power. neil? I know you put all of us in your one basket but you don't mind if I point out a few errors now and again do you?
The Wright flyer was not a great mover of people on the international scene so some concepts get improved upon. We will see the power of waves in one way or another as the sea rises, but I suppose that's not going to happen either in your special world. Nev
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