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Further to my opening post of this thread I am very very seriously thinking about going full steam ahead on that i.e. due to the large margins in sex products, advertising dollars in the sex industry, the lack of discussion forums on this subject, I believe there is an opportunity, financially motivated, for a site on the topic of sex rather than just burying it in a catch all site.

This may mean that some elements of this site may need to go back to Recreational Flying that will prop that site up more as well. I am stuck getting older and just simply don't know what the future holds for me anymore. I finish my job at the end of October so the big ??? is getting to me...any more thoughts on this thread?


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There's probably an opening for sex toys. I don't know anyone going broke in that industry. (not that I'm an expert). A bit of intelligent design would help. Like all things. Nev