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Hi - noticed a post of yours that mentioned your friend John Bennett who was in the Bumblies in 1960's - a friend of mine is looking for an old friend called John Bennett who played the guitar and immigrated to Queensland after 1965 - I wondered if you could ask your friend J B if he spent some time in London 1959/ 1962 or around that time - to see if he is right J B. He had flat with or belonging to Peter Kenny
Thanks for quick reply and for your help with this _ I have passed on phone number to my friend who lives in California (17 hours behind you). I am in Ireland so we have world covered . Did John say if he had lived in London at a flat with Peter Kenny. Saw your photo of your new great granddaughter Congratulations to all and she is beautiful. Vonnie.
I am not a new member... I have been cast out of the other site by the overlords!
Welcome to the dark side.
We aren't biased over here. We even let you talk about flying!
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